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“There is no joy in these kids. They feel invisible. That’s why every one of them has a MySpace page.”

I won’t lie, I’m really, really excited about Glee in September.

P.S. Sandy in three days!

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After kicking off the weekend at our apartment on Friday night, Rachel dragged us a million miles away to a club, where we proceeded to dance the night away. It was SO ridiculously fun! We paid tribute to MJ, naturally, and afterward one of the guys asked me if I had done dance in high school. I laughed and told him I was in band.

And yesterday, I finally got to see Kevin! We braved the gray skies and went sailing on the Charles River (luckily, the rain held out until later that evening). Kevin’s certified to take out the MIT boats whenever he wants. It was so relaxing to be out on the water.

Last night I finally got around to seeing “Up” with Nandini and Jazmine. Absolutely precious, and I cried like a baby. We were wearing 3-D glasses, which seriously impaired my ability to discreetly wipe my eyes. Also saw this — exciting!

And today I did really exciting things like grocery shopping (def not as fun without a car, btw) and laundry. Hoo-hah!

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From The Boston Sunday Globe: Menino will seek gifts for school sports.

Mayor Thomas M. Menino, aiming to curb chronic failings in Boston’s high school athletic programs, said he will create a nonprofit charitable foundation spearheaded by former athletes and business leaders to transform the troubled sports system into a source of urban pride.
The foundation is the centerpiece of a series of changes Menino crafted in response to a Globe series that showed the city has severely shortchanged Boston’s high school athletes in funding, equipment, facilities, coaching, and oversight. He said he has received a preliminary commitment from one Boston professional sports team to help launch the foundation and is optimistic others will join the effort.

See, occasionally the stuff journalists do actually makes a difference. And it took nine months and more than 140 characters.

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Journalism in the era of Twitter

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This really hilarious, ridiculous reporter just came over to the copy desk and invited us all to the metro desk to eat cake. It’s somebody’s last day, so naturally there’s a cake (this has happened numerous times in my few weeks here). He was literally shouting across the desk at everyone, then looked at me and said, “Intern! Come get cake!” I think that’s the first time anyone’s used “intern” to address me, not that this guy knows my name (I don’t know his, either).

Today’s top 10 front pages. I love the Newseum.

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TMZ was ahead of the curve with news of Michael Jackson’s death. Sad news aside, last night was a good time to be in a newsroom — waiting for confirmation of the news, watching the page 1 team spring into action to rework the front page (and argue over the DOM photo), hearing editors come up with the inevitable inappropriate headlines. There was another flurry of activity later in the night when someone read the Jeff Goldblum rumor, but as one of the graphic designers aptly put it, “Wikipedia says that’s a hoax.”

For something a little cheerier, check out this post from the Globe’s relationship blogger. Scroll through the comments, too — I was reading them during some down time at work last night and had to refrain from laughing out loud at my desk.

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I almost wept with joy when I woke up to sunlight streaming through my window. I threw on my running shoes after lunch and went to the Esplanade, which runs along the Charles River. It was full of runners and gals tanning and people in business clothes taking their lunch breaks on wooden benches. Perfection.

Also made my way up to the roof for a bit. Here’s our view:
Also, a kind note from one of our neighbors:

Failing our athletes part 5.

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