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Andrea and I are slowly but surely making are way through “Lost” from the beginning. We’re only on season 1, so we won’t be ready for The Big Premiere this week, but we like to pop in the DVDs and knock out a few episodes on nights that I don’t work. And we’ve pulled Noble into our quest.

So I was pretty pumped to find this interactive on the NYT home page this morning: A Timeline of the ‘Lost’ Universe. (I actually refused to read the entire description or browse around because I don’t want to spoil the storyline for myself.) I love the interactive features the NYT comes up with — remember the distracted driving game last summer?

A little something for everyone.

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Advanced Visual Design (J 359T): I’m not particularly excited about taking this class, especially with my minimal Photoshop skills, but our first assignment ended up being really fun: We had to create a themed alphabet set out of photos.

1) You must take the photos yourself (nothing from the Internet).
2) Find an object for every letter of the alphabet, lowercase or uppercase.
3) The theme can be as broad as you’d like, but there must be some sort of theme.
4) Arrange the alphabet in a grid on 11×17 paper.

I chose leaves as my theme, and finding the letters turned out to be much easier than expected. I guess it proves what you can find around you if you’ll just open your eyes and take a look.

Final project here.

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I’ve decided to make a list of things I’d like to accomplish in life — a bucket list, if you will.

First: Have my own reserved parking spot, complete with some sort of sassy quote on the sign.
I pass by this gem every day on my walk to campus. I don’t know the Soto family, but I think I like them.

Other items on the list:
1) Own a KitchenAid stand mixer; make cakes from scratch.
2) Get front-row seats to a concert. The people in the front always look like they’re having the most fun.
3) Amass a large collection of seasonal decorations. I’m not above kitchen towels embroidered with autumn leaves.

I think I’ll keep working on that list.

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Good news, everyone: ‘Fake AP Stylebook’ scores book deal.

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Austinites save another icon, albeit a car wash sign

And it’s not just the signs that longtime locals get misty over. Florence said a woman came into the Burnet Road location and was worried about the steps for children to watch the cars go through the wash. “This lady said, ‘Where are the steps? I used to come in here when I was 4 and 5 years old, and now I bring my kids,” Florence said. (The company is replacing the old steps with new ones that have railings.)

I really love this front-page story in today’s Statesman, because as a kid I loved watching the cars go through the wash at Genie. (Actually, I watched in fascination as recently as last year.)

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Haiti relief efforts

Haiti: How to help

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It’s fun to be a tourist, even if you grew up in Texas.

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