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A couple of weeks ago my multimedia professor was trying to give us tips on reporting. To start things off, he asked, “If you could interview anyone in the world, who would it be?” The classroom full of upper-division journalism students was completely quiet for a couple of seconds before somebody blurted out “Will Smith.”

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Noble’s brother turned 17 on Thursday, so we joined his family for a celebratory dinner today. Happy birthday, Blu!

Rather lazy Saturday. Lovely. 🙂

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Quote of the day: “He’s a serial killer whale!”

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The weekend starts on Thursday.

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I live in Austin. Sunday was beautiful and sunny, with a high of 76. Today it snowed.

I would have taken more pictures, but 1) it was cold; 2) I wasn’t actually interested in venturing out into the precipitation. I got snow on my face when I went to the parking lot to take pictures of my car, and that was enough for me.

Tomorrow’s forecast: 53 degrees and sunny.

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My latest multimedia project is an audio slideshow, due Friday. My partner, Elizabeth, discovered CageMatch online, so we ventured to ColdTowne Theater last night to get the material for our project.

We spent some time with one of the performing groups, Control Alt Delight (formerly known as Continental Breakfast) as they rehearsed before the show. Very funny guys who threw around obscenities, asked if it was all right to do so (Elizabeth was recording them), then continued once they got the OK.

Control Alt Delight’s opponent was Cougar. Unfortunately for them, Cougar did not come out the victor in the end.

I love this last picture. Such great facial expressions.

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I welcomed my first child into the world today.

Her name is the Nikon D60.

I’ve wanted my own digital SLR for a while now, and I finally bit the bullet and got this gently used model on eBay. I’m in love.

My boy is so studious.

Andrea's birthday flowers, a week and a half later

I can’t wait to spend some time learning how to use the camera really well. This will probably include me taking lots of pictures of Noble for practice. How long before he gets tired of having a camera poked in his face? Look, he’s still smiling:

Well. It’s only day one. 🙂

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I reached a milestone in my career today: After six weeks on the job, I’ve finally accumulated a full day of vacation time. Watch out, world!

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Noble and I don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day in the traditional let’s-get-stressed-out-about-finding-the-perfect-gift-and-spending-lots-of-money-to-prove-our-love-because-Hallmark-told-us-to sense. Neither he nor I sees the point, and we’d rather celebrate a day that actually means something to us, like our anniversary. So we play the game by getting each other something cheap and tacky — it’s more fun that way, and explains why I am the proud new owner of this:
We named him Steve. To be honest, I don’t think it’s (he’s?) that tacky. I actually like it/him quite a bit, which is why I may or may not have fallen asleep with my arms around it/him last night.

My earlier sentiments may lead you to believe that I don’t like Valentine’s Day. This is False. There is no way I could dislike a holiday that revolves around pink, love, lace and candy (not to mention being utterly spoiled by my roommate). I love it so much that I made treat bags for the copy desk.
Everybody got candy and a Disney Princess valentine. I keep it real.

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The Daily Texan went old-school and ran this staff box in Wednesday’s paper:

Oh, the memories. But more importantly: Leah, Vikram — does this mean we’re getting paid for Wednesday’s paper? Because that’s what the staff box is really all about.

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