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Happy birthday, Vikram!

If only you weren’t in California, we could take more pictures like this:

Ah, the sophomore year archives. 🙂

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My favorite boyfriend turned 21 this weekend.

Can’t wait to take our first trip to the liquor store together. He won’t have to wait in the car anymore!

He’s a bit of a Civil War buff. My mom got him this hat.

I love you, dude. 🙂

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Screenshot from my evening at work:

Thanks for the laughs, InCopy.

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“Adam Lambert, you’re on the right track, but still too subtle. Now don’t get me wrong, I’ll listen to your music. I’ll even hum it under my breath as I head into the voting booth the next time a state government offers me the chance to deny you your basic rights.”

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The brains behind “Schoolhouse Rock” deserve some sort of shrine.

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Kudos, South by Southwest, for ruining all of my drives to and from work this week. Enjoy your thunderstorms and high of 49 tomorrow.

Also, instructions for out-of-towners at SXSW.

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Happy birthday, Mom!

Noble bought my mom a balloon for her birthday lunch. Then he decided to get balloons for everyone.

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Pardon the low-quality BlackBerry photo. I just had give a shout out to Pete’s Piano bar, where we took Josh and Gail for her last night in town yesterday and sang our hearts out until 2 in the a.m.

Before we get upset about Gail heading back to Blizzardville USA, fear not: She’ll be back in September to start working/research assisting at the Pickle Research Campus! So exciting!

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Yesterday = dinner and game night with my family, complete with pretty sweet KLRU programming, homemade pizza and Taboo.

This (slightly blurry) picture of Josh and Gail is my favorite of the night. It sums up the evening perfectly:

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Somebody e-mailed the paper complaining about how we had spelled a word in a story I had worked on, followed by the sentence “This is not good journalism.” Zing!

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