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Happy birthday, Vikram!

If only you weren’t in California, we could take more pictures like this:

Ah, the sophomore year archives. 🙂

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My favorite boyfriend turned 21 this weekend.

Can’t wait to take our first trip to the liquor store together. He won’t have to wait in the car anymore!

He’s a bit of a Civil War buff. My mom got him this hat.

I love you, dude. 🙂

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Screenshot from my evening at work:

Thanks for the laughs, InCopy.

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“Adam Lambert, you’re on the right track, but still too subtle. Now don’t get me wrong, I’ll listen to your music. I’ll even hum it under my breath as I head into the voting booth the next time a state government offers me the chance to deny you your basic rights.”

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The brains behind “Schoolhouse Rock” deserve some sort of shrine.

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Kudos, South by Southwest, for ruining all of my drives to and from work this week. Enjoy your thunderstorms and high of 49 tomorrow.

Also, instructions for out-of-towners at SXSW.

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Happy birthday, Mom!

Noble bought my mom a balloon for her birthday lunch. Then he decided to get balloons for everyone.

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