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We designed front pages a couple of days ago using stories/photos from AP and the Statesman. I’m maybe a little too excited about mine, but it’s the first page I’ve ever designed completely on my own, so I’m proud of it. Sorry the second and third pictures are so little. (:

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Pictures from today:

Quote of the (yester)day: “The Dow Jones people probably think I’m an alcoholic.”

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I’m so restless tonight! I’ve been roaming around the dorm a bit, outside for a while, back to my room, yadda yadda. And now I’m uploading some pictures from today:

We eat breakfast at 8 a.m. We drink lots of coffee.

Headline critique — he’s actually reading his own headlines here. (: Also, sorry I cut off your feet, Griff.

Chad says he doesn’t take posed pictures.

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Today was a long day. But it was worth it, because we finally got to learn about cutlines, the redheaded stepchild of most news publications.

“So how do we choose our interns? Well, it’s a crapshoot.”

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Dow Jones camp. I love it.

Just days after graduating from college, I packed a suitcase and headed to a UT dorm to live and train with nine other copy editors before our summer internships. It’s kind of legit. The group is really funny, smart and talented — and I’ve found two fellow band nerds, past and present, who knew what I was talking about when I said my brother is involved in drum corps. Uh, awesome.

Few things excite me more than swag. Seriously.

You know what? I hadn’t missed dorm beds. Not one bit.

We’re working in one of the labs where I had class last semester … aww.

Kiera & Monica. We visited the Statesman to sit in on budget meetings and observe editors/designers. I sat with statcom for a while, but it was a slow day, so I ended up at my desk.

Samantha & Etienne

I’m learning things, too. For instance, when writing headlines, “you’d better be damn sure the big type doesn’t contradict the little type.” OK, I already knew that, but I’d never heard it put so eloquently. Thanks, Griff.

More as the workshop progresses. 🙂

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It’s a tradition for us to have an early (early!) breakfast at Kerbey Lane before Josh ships off for DCI every summer. We eat before the sun’s up, then I take him to the airport for an early flight to spring training. I was looking through my photos and realized that I’ve managed to snap a group shot every year:




Last weekend.

Real friends meet to see you off at 4:15 in the morning. 🙂

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What to eat for the last episode of “Lost”? Kabobs, of course!

Sometimes you just need to go with the recipe with the fewest ingredients, right? Noble questioned why pork, pineapple and green peppers were all on the same stick, but he still scarfed his down. 🙂

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Graduation 2.0 (Universitywide commencement ceremony)

Waiting before the grand procession
Shatha, David and Nausheen
They love the camera 😉
Daily Texan editing & design buds (pic from Shatha)
Decorated hats (pic from Shatha)
David, remember when you came down to the basement on the very last day of tryouts? And the rest is history. (pic from Shatha)

Look carefully at the screen — there’s Marcia!
College of Communication!
Natural sciences tried to be louder than us. They failed.

He has a bit of a crazed look in his eye because I told him his horns weren’t fierce enough … and then mine ended up being all wimpy

We did it! Congrats, graduates!

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Graduation 1.0 and 2.0 (photos from my dad’s camera)

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Graduation 1.0


Colby! He brought a magazine under his robe so he’d have something to read during the ceremony. I scoffed, but halfway through I was wishing I’d done the same.

My dear David. At the end of the ceremony, he kind of sang/hummed along a few bars of “The Eyes of Texas,” then turned to me and said he’d never sung the song in his life. Sigh.

Me and Beth (swiped from her FB)

Walking into the arena

Loooove Nausheen’s hat!

My fav boy

Squinting because of the sun, my hat’s pulled too far down because I thought the wind was going to yank it off my head, and Josh creepin’ in the background.

Looking at my class ring

Me & Josh 🙂

Rounded the corner of the Erwin Center (does a round building have corners?) and suddenly found myself in a group of CHS alumni. Four years after our high school graduation, we were all at a UT graduation. Strange but kind of cool.

Stole this pic from Sandy’s dad 🙂
Annie-lee, my neighbor/former roommate/high school pal and fellow flute player 🙂 (pic from Annie-lee)

And so we graduated. After a long trek to the car in my robe (which, in case you were wondering, is made out of recycled water bottles) and a long wait trying to get out of the parking garage, it was off to Mom’s for a graduation dinner!

Mom and Jim set up a beautiful table under a canopy in the backyard

We all had name cards 🙂

UT decorations

Jim hard at work

So glad I was able to capture this moment on camera. love you guys!

Just waiting to be filled with a margarita 🙂

Josh and Dad

My love for Tex-Mex knows no bounds

Longhorn brownies

Stole my ribbon for a headband

And to top it all off, my best friends and a couple of their moms spoiled the heck outta me/made all my dreams come true

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