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Even though we exchanged anniversary gifts earlier this week, Noble and I decided to save our cards for our actual anniversary. Here’s the card he got me:

Pretty. Flowery. Not exactly the type of thing I’d expect him to pick out. But then I saw the message inside:

Ahh. That’s more like it.

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Things to be happy about today: This and this.

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As many people know, the Baby-Sitters Club was a major part of my childhood. I (unfortunately) gave my entire collection away, and I wish I still had them, just to have — which is why Noble presented me with the Best Gift Ever today:

THIRTY books! Our four-year anniversary is Thursday, but we celebrated today since I work that night. Ahhhh love my new books (and my boy!) so much! (:

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Bluecoats rehearsal at Brenham High School, 7/22/10

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(Josh is on the right.)

I’ll post a bunch of photos later, once I sort through the 220 rehearsal shots I took. (:
Update: Pictures are here.

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How I spent my afternoon:

And what was waiting for me on our whiteboard when I got home from work:


(Cupcakes: PW’s delicious chocolate sheet cake recipe, with Wilton buttercream icing)

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Tuesday evening = roommate date night, a.k.a. “Despicable Me” in 3-D at the Drafthouse. Such a cute movie! (:

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Getting ready for Thursday = getting out the box of supplies I’ve accumulated over the past few summers.


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