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I’m going to my mom’s tomorrow, so I decided to whip up a little banana bread for her and Jim. I really like this recipe from Biscuits and Such.

It’s all ingredients that I keep on hand, except for the nuts (I got whole hazelnuts and tossed them into the food processor). The recipe actually calls for buttermilk, but I never have that in the fridge, so I used the milk/vinegar trick.

NOM! It smells delicious. My favorite part is topping with powdered sugar and cinnamon to make it pretty. (:

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I saw a giant display of H2Orange when I walked into H-E-B today, and I just couldn’t help myself.

Hook ’em. (:

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Forgot to post my cover last week. Eh, whatevs. Here’s tonight’s work:

Metro & State, August 30, 2010.

Tomorrow’s my first shift learning sports design. I’m so much more excited about working in sports now that football season is upon is. Can’t wait for Saturday!

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Local coverage of Judge Hatten’s birthday:

Raw video: Judge Hatten birthday party

Seriously, watch it. He’s pretty fantastic/hilarious. And thanks to Noble’s dad for telling us about the link! If you pay attention, you can see them loitering in the background near the end of the video. (:

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Noble’s grandfather celebrated his 97th birthday in Houston yesterday. I wasn’t able to make it to the party, which was held at the criminal justice center, but here’s a photo:

Look at that cake! I also found coverage of last year’s party on the Houston Chronicle. LEGIT.

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Look what arrived in the mail today!

Josh, Dad and I are spending Dad’s big 5-0 with the Longhorns! Yippee! 🙂

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To the upstanding citizen who broke into my roommate’s car last night:

First of all, thanks. I’m sure it’s not every day that you are thanked for your random acts of violence. Your victims are probably too busy filing police reports and waiting to talk to insurance agents to properly express their gratitude. But I’ll take a moment to express my appreciation for the fact that you are obviously a moron.

Perhaps you had a reason for rummaging through all her things and taking the face plate to her radio, an insurance card and a can of WD-40, yet leaving behind the radio itself, an entire tool set and a wrapped wedding gift. You are obviously very particular about your thefts. Seriously though, why didn’t you take the gift? If you had, we at least could have sat here and laughed while imagining you unwrapping the box, hoping for something expensive that you could resell, only to find a cutting board and a vegetable steamer. But you deprived us of that satisfaction.

Thanks for your keen sense of organization, too. I can’t imagine why you would take a bag full of old clothes and move it from the backseat to the trunk. I’m sure you had a good reason. You would have done her a favor if you had just taken the clothes, because they’re about to be donated anyway. Maybe they weren’t your style.

I hope you’re proud of your half-ass attempt at a break-in. You’ve succeeded in making lots of people uncomfortable: not only my roommate, for having her personal property violated, but everyone who lives in this apartment complex, because we all got a notice about what happened. Now everyone (especially the loads of people who just moved in last week) can sleep well knowing that people like you are lurking around in the dark. Awesome.

Enjoy the stuff, too. That WD-40 may help with your squeaky hinges, but it won’t help your bad karma or the fact that you’re a giant douchebag.


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It only took me three months to get frame for my diploma.

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All I want to do with my days off is bake things. Today: blueberry crumb bars, courtesy of smitten kitchen.

Today Noble and I checked out Encyclopedia Show Austin. The theme for the night was mythical beasts, so we saw performances about the Sirens, the sea crackens, and Santa Claus, among others. Very funky (and plenty of hipsters in the crowd), but it was pretty fun. (:

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After uploading all of my photos and realizing that I took hundreds last weekend, I’ll sum up the rest of our time in Indianapolis with a single shot:

Congratulations, Bluecoats, on making history with your first top-three finish. Fantastic finish to an unforgettable season, and I’m so proud to have been there to see the magic in person. (:

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