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Josh turned 22 yesterday! Gail, knowing Josh’s love of all things Android, made this wonderful cake:

Happy birthday, Josh!

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Real talk.

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Nicole left us on Friday, so the copy desk responded appropriately: with food.

My offering was brownies, so I revisited this recipe, sans cream cheese. Gah, this brownie recipe is so good! One commenter suggested putting a layer of Andes mints in the middle of the batter, which I thought sounded delicious. I decided to melt the mints and swirl that into the batter instead.

Heavenly. We’ll miss you, Nicole!

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Early December = AUS –> NYC –> BOS –> NYC –> AUS.

Good thing I bought two new winter coats last week! (Great deals don’t mean you spend less. They mean you spend just as much but get more stuff. Hooray!)

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I love me some seasonal decorations.

Can’t wait to put the Christmas stuff out. Seriously.

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Stopped by the Westlake Marching Festival to cheer on Josh and the Dripping Springs marching band on Saturday. Look at how he carries that long ranger as they lead the band onto the field! Such poise!

I was very nearly giddy with nostalgia when we arrived because the first thing I saw when I got out of the car was my high school’s drumline warming up in the parking lot. Such fun memories.

Aw. Blast from the past. (:

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Turned the big 2-3 last week, and we had a little birthday bash at Mom’s. So blessed to have my loved ones with me to celebrate! (:

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From Andrew Meacham at the St. Petersburg Times:

ST. PETERSBURG — About 11 p.m. Sept. 12, a car struck Neil Alan Smith and threw him off his bicycle on Fourth Street N. The car didn’t stop.

Mr. Smith, who was pedaling home from his job as a dishwasher at the Crab Shack, struck his head on a light post.

He was taken to Bayfront Medical Center. He died there six days later. He was 48.

Police have not located the hit-and-run driver.

Shortly after the St. Petersburg Times announced Mr. Smith’s death on its website, a reader posted a comment stating the following: A man who is working as a dishwasher at the Crab Shack at the age of 48 is surely better off dead.

Web editors removed the comment, deeming it an offensive and insensitive insult to a dead man’s friends and family. Though hardly unusual — check out the comments beneath stories about any recent tragedy — this one spurred the Times to make Mr. Smith the subject of this story, as a reminder that every life matters.

A great reminder of why I love journalism.

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