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A surprise gift from my main gal arrived in the mail today!

Really want to look through the cookbook, but I don’t want to take off that pretty ribbon yet. (:

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Noble’s been accepted to UT’s graduate school!

He’s holding the gift basket Andrea and Kevin made for him. Notebooks, erasers, his favorite pencils, etc. (:

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Why I love Austin, Texas. Check out the graphic.

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Yesterday I made a birthday cake with fudge frosting and sugar pearls. Oh, and I put the birthday girl’s face on it. (:

I’m having mixed feelings about this cake recipe. I didn’t eat much yesterday, though, so I’m going to try it again and see. I think I might this yellow cake recipe next.

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I ran across this Bakerella post last month and had to try it out. I love a good project, and it was perfect for the Super Bowl. (:

I got most of my supplies at Michael’s but couldn’t find any little footballs there. I finally found something similar at HEB but didn’t feel like investing another $16 on cupcake decorations that would have immediately ended up in the trash, so I went without. Still super cute, though!

Cupcakes: best birthday cake
Frosting: easy buttercream frosting (+ green icing color)

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Woke up to a winter wonderland, Austin-style. The weather has closed schools and some businesses for the day, but I’ll make the short trek to work this afternoon. No snow days for newspaper folks. (:

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Look what arrived from the printer today!

I made these based on a design Andrea found online, using one of the photos from their engagement shoot. Very excited they turned out OK! (:

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