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Sometimes you just need to give in to the hoopla and host a royal wedding watch party, complete with girly favors ….

themed snacks

… and an arts & crafts project inspired by the bride-to-be.


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We all knew this day was coming. The day when the Taurus would give me one last middle finger and refuse to start in the HEB parking lot, leaving me in near tears while my sherbet melted in the trunk.

But those days are OVER! I’m officially a car owner! Signed the paperwork and picked up the keys this evening.

Woohoo! (:

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Life has been quiet. Work is busy. Sandy and I are contemplating a vacation together later this year.

My brother’s started blogging for Android Central! Pretty cool. If you’re into that kind of thing, check out his personal blog here, where he’ll link to all his articles.


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Two things:

1. We went to West Side Story this week. This is what happened:

You can get away with a pretty casual outfit for a Tuesday night show at the Bass Concert Hall. But Kevin decided it would be hilarious to surprise Andrea by showing up in a tuxedo, and Noble jumped on board in a suit (he even polished his dress shoes). I wore jeans as planned.

2. “That’s so much hair. You could make, like, 21 wigs with that hair.” — the stylist who chopped off 10 inches of my hair this afternoon
My ponytail, ready to be shipped off to Locks of Love. Yippee!

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