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Took this delightful cake work to yesterday. So easy and delicious!

Just make this simple batter:

Add your strawberries:

And you end up with this:

Nom! (:

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A few more, from Saturday night. I missed the university-wide commencement ceremony because of work, but we went to campus afterward. (:

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Congratulations to Andrea and Noble, our newest UT graduates! Seeing you walk across the stage made the 5+ hours of commencement worth it.

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Blast from the past: I was looking through old pictures and found one from a trip to New York a few years ago, when some high school friends and I went to see Spring Awakening the year it opened on Broadway and met Jonathan Groff before he got super famous/was on “Glee.”

We told him we were from Texas and he sang a line from “Deep in the Heart of Texas” for us.

I had pretty much forgotten any of that happened until I saw that picture. My brush with fame!

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I finally talked Noble into letting me take some graduation shots to send out with his invitations. Sorry the sun was so bright, dear.


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Reason for missing deadline: Osama bin Laden is dead.

Last night was an incredible night to be in the newsroom. I’ll never forget piecing together a story from wire reports after hearing the president tell us that bin Laden had been killed (even though we all knew by the time he took the podium). These are the moments when I’m so glad to be working in journalism — even if my degree is apparently worthless. (:


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