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Woohoo Josh! And he’s so tan, too. (:

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Saturday: Bridal shower/sleepover in Bryan

Sunday: DCI kickoff weekend in Texas

Hooray for a Saturday-Sunday away from work! Who knows when that will happen again. (:

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I love a good project, especially one that can be done in the living room while watching Bravo for four hours. Our most recent project is assembling Andrea’s wedding invitations!

We made a solid dent in the work — only about 100 more ribbon pieces to go. (:

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Mmm, breakfast.

For some reason I was motivated to jump in the kitchen at 12:30 in the morning. The result was these make-ahead muffin melts, two jars of fresh salsa and prep work for tonight’s brisket (I love my weekends — it’s so nice to cook and eat dinner on plates instead of from a tupperware at my desk). (:

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