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NYC part I: I spent most of Tuesday afternoon hanging around Zuccotti Park. Of course, it had been cleared out eight hours before I had planned to head out there, and then I flew home and missed all the action Thursday, but what can you do? The park was barricaded, and the surrounding area was pretty calm — the police officers and journalists far outnumbered the protesters — but it was still really interesting.

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I’ve spent some of my free time lately working on a couple of design projects, which I’ve really enjoyed. Both were fairly simple and based on designs found elsewhere, so I was able to recreate and just play around in InDesign.

1. Kevin’s graduation invitation, inspired by this link Andrea found:

It was fun to take these jumping shots. (: I made the background pretty light, but I wanted to make sure the text was easy to read. That will be printed and then glued onto orange cardstock to give the invitation a border.

2. A save the date for the friend of a friend of a friend. Their photographer took some beautiful shots, and they picked out their favorites for this, which is going to be printed onto a magnet:

They met while shopping at Walmart, hence the setting. I’m also working on their wedding invitation and accompanying materials — looove weddings!

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A couple of recent front pages:

10/22 Austin American-Statesman A1

11/1 Austin American-Statesman A1


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Josh, Gail, Kevin and I all celebrate our birthdays within the span of about a month. Mom and Jim planned a birthday brunch for us a couple of weeks ago, and we ended up moving it down the street to a park, where we ran around all afternoon. So fun! (:

You’re never too old for an outdoor birthday party hosted by your parents. With party hats, of course.

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