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Hooray for graduations and a new project to work on this week!

Josh and I headed to Zilker Park on Saturday to take some pictures for his graduation invitations. He liked the jumping shots I did for Kevin’s invitation in December, so we started with that.

He also wanted to do some normal shots, plus a super silly one with his tuba (we did attempt some jumping pictures with the tuba, but he wasn’t able to get as much air on those — ha!).

Josh originally wanted to do several images on the invitation, but once we uploaded that tuba shot … well, that was it. I giggled the entire time I was working on it.

Ta-da! Special thanks to Noble, who went to the paper store for me and cut all the backing paper to size while I was at work. He’s turning out to be an excellent arts & crafts assistant — should be useful for wedding planning purposes. (:

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I’ve had the pleasure of both designing and editing some great stories over the past month (on that note, take a moment to check out this piece following an Austin officer’s death last week). Here’s Sunday’s front, designed by yours truly.

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Six days of work followed by a day off followed by another six days of work = let’s make the most of the day off!

In other exciting April 12 news, nine months until wedding day!

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