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Oh! Look what came home with me this weekend!

Woohoo! (:

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A wee cake dedicated to the Muthler family. Happy birthday, Genevieve.

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For the past several weeks my excitement had been building about our Fourth of July vacation. Some people jet off to exotic places for a summer trip, but I couldn’t wait to spend several days in Valley Mills — population 1,203 — where we attended the annual Barnett family reunion, went fossil hunting, worked on our croquet games, and generally didn’t worry about what time it was. I baked a cake and specifically left my computer and makeup at home. It was exactly what I needed.

And of course, I carted my camera around with me. Such fun.

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Graduation weekend, part II: The fun continues! Twenty-four hours after my dad’s graduation, my brother walked across the same stage to accept his music degree. Congratulations, Josh!

The graduates and their rings — Dad’s been talking about taking this picture for quite a while. (:

Then we added me.

And here’s a shot of Josh with his graduation gift from me (he actually opened it the day before). It’s been sitting in my apartment for months, and I was so excited to finally give it to him!

It’s a quilt made up of Bluecoats T-shirts (including several stolen from Josh’s closet when he wasn’t home). Thanks to the folks at the Quilt Loft, who did a wonderful job creating exactly what I had envisioned — it’s beautiful, and the perfect gift to celebrate such a special day. Love you, brother!

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I was lucky enough to see two loved ones get their diplomas this weekend, starting Thursday at my dad’s graduation. He has been working so hard (on top of a full-time job) toward his degree in applied arts and sciences, and he is now a proud Texas State alumnus. Congratulations, Dad!

He’s a fan of the flip cam I got him. (:

Woohoo! Love you, Dad!

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Hooray for graduations and a new project to work on this week!

Josh and I headed to Zilker Park on Saturday to take some pictures for his graduation invitations. He liked the jumping shots I did for Kevin’s invitation in December, so we started with that.

He also wanted to do some normal shots, plus a super silly one with his tuba (we did attempt some jumping pictures with the tuba, but he wasn’t able to get as much air on those — ha!).

Josh originally wanted to do several images on the invitation, but once we uploaded that tuba shot … well, that was it. I giggled the entire time I was working on it.

Ta-da! Special thanks to Noble, who went to the paper store for me and cut all the backing paper to size while I was at work. He’s turning out to be an excellent arts & crafts assistant — should be useful for wedding planning purposes. (:

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So, Kevin was commissioned into the Air Force … in December. Sorry for the three-month delay, but here are some pictures!

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