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For the past several weeks my excitement had been building about our Fourth of July vacation. Some people jet off to exotic places for a summer trip, but I couldn’t wait to spend several days in Valley Mills — population 1,203 — where we attended the annual Barnett family reunion, went fossil hunting, worked on our croquet games, and generally didn’t worry about what time it was. I baked a cake and specifically left my computer and makeup at home. It was exactly what I needed.

And of course, I carted my camera around with me. Such fun.

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Graduation weekend, part II: The fun continues! Twenty-four hours after my dad’s graduation, my brother walked across the same stage to accept his music degree. Congratulations, Josh!

The graduates and their rings — Dad’s been talking about taking this picture for quite a while. (:

Then we added me.

And here’s a shot of Josh with his graduation gift from me (he actually opened it the day before). It’s been sitting in my apartment for months, and I was so excited to finally give it to him!

It’s a quilt made up of Bluecoats T-shirts (including several stolen from Josh’s closet when he wasn’t home). Thanks to the folks at the Quilt Loft, who did a wonderful job creating exactly what I had envisioned — it’s beautiful, and the perfect gift to celebrate such a special day. Love you, brother!

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I was lucky enough to see two loved ones get their diplomas this weekend, starting Thursday at my dad’s graduation. He has been working so hard (on top of a full-time job) toward his degree in applied arts and sciences, and he is now a proud Texas State alumnus. Congratulations, Dad!

He’s a fan of the flip cam I got him. (:

Woohoo! Love you, Dad!

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Hey! We’re getting married! WOOHOO!

I’ll be honest, I had been extremely suspicious of Noble for a couple of weeks (a shady phone call here and there), to the point that I was convinced he was going to propose, but for some reason I had decided that it was going to happen around my birthday next month. So I was truly surprised when he spiced up my Wednesday afternoon with a marriage proposal and the most gorgeous ring I’ve ever seen. (:

My surprise immediately turned to complete excitement (I told him I felt like I should be crying but I was too excited — instead I started running around the apartment yelling, ‘We’re getting married!’ over and over. Sorry, neighbors!), which then turned into even MORE excitement when he told me that our families were totally in on it and were meeting us for dinner. It was the best celebration I could have imagined.

Flowers from Sandy, waiting for me at my desk when I arrived at work on Thursday.

What a perfect night! I’m still overflowing with joy. (: And thanks to my parents for the pictures!

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Woohoo Josh! And he’s so tan, too. (:

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It’s been a crazy busy couple of weeks. Here’s our lovely Thanksgiving, which my sweet familia celebrated mid-afternoon because I had to work that day.


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Josh turned 22 yesterday! Gail, knowing Josh’s love of all things Android, made this wonderful cake:

Happy birthday, Josh!

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