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Oh! Look what came home with me this weekend!

Woohoo! (:

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A wee cake dedicated to the Muthler family. Happy birthday, Genevieve.

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Six days of work followed by a day off followed by another six days of work = let’s make the most of the day off!

In other exciting April 12 news, nine months until wedding day!

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Store owners need copy editors, too.

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True love, y’all.

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Hey! We’re getting married! WOOHOO!

I’ll be honest, I had been extremely suspicious of Noble for a couple of weeks (a shady phone call here and there), to the point that I was convinced he was going to propose, but for some reason I had decided that it was going to happen around my birthday next month. So I was truly surprised when he spiced up my Wednesday afternoon with a marriage proposal and the most gorgeous ring I’ve ever seen. (:

My surprise immediately turned to complete excitement (I told him I felt like I should be crying but I was too excited — instead I started running around the apartment yelling, ‘We’re getting married!’ over and over. Sorry, neighbors!), which then turned into even MORE excitement when he told me that our families were totally in on it and were meeting us for dinner. It was the best celebration I could have imagined.

Flowers from Sandy, waiting for me at my desk when I arrived at work on Thursday.

What a perfect night! I’m still overflowing with joy. (: And thanks to my parents for the pictures!

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After months of preparation, it finally arrived: wedding week!

I drove up to Frisco with Andrea on Tuesday to help her with a marathon of errands and preparation — and to document all the behind-the-scenes action, of course. (: No photos from the ceremony, obviously, and not very many from the reception (I was too busy having wine for dinner and making a fool of myself on the dance floor), but here are the rest:

Is there anything more joyous than seeing two people you adore get married? I say no. Congratulations to the Stouts! (:

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