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Designed my last A1 for the Statesman last night, almost exactly a year after my first A1 shift. Sad to leave the desk, where I’ve learned so much, but excited for a new adventure on the web as an online content producer for statesman.com — I start full-time tomorrow!

September 5, 2011:

September 3, 2012:

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Alternative story forms, what what!
Overall, I just like this page OK, though I am happy with how the centerpiece turned out. I could have done more with it if we hadn’t needed to get four other stories out on the front … but I’m not going to complain about the newspaper having too much news. (:

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The past couple of weeks at work:

I think this centerpiece photo — by staff photographer Laura Skelding — is really beautiful. So glad I was able to run it large and in color!

I was hoping to beef up this centerpiece package a bit, so I dug through the story and pulled out some of the (many) numbers for an A1 rail to supplement the photo and graphic.

I recommend this centerpiece story — even if you haven’t been following the AISD charter drama closely — if you have a chance. Good stuff.

Besides work, I have been getting some other things done — like buying a wedding dress. (: More on that later!

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A couple of my pages from last week, both a little different from the norm.

Love getting to mix things up with a cool vertical photo!

This one’s not my favorite visually, but there’s reasoning behind it — we wanted the Obama story high up on the page, and there’s no way the word ‘marriage’ would have fit in one column. In the interest of having headlines that make sense, I gave it two columns next to the lead story … it does help to think like an editor when drawing boxes on the page. (:

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I’ve had the pleasure of both designing and editing some great stories over the past month (on that note, take a moment to check out this piece following an Austin officer’s death last week). Here’s Sunday’s front, designed by yours truly.

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I did my first Sunday A1 this week! Yay.

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Happy New Year!

Things have been unusually busy lately (or maybe not — but for some reason it feels that way). But I’ve been wanting to get back to the blog, so here are some of my favorite pages from the past few weeks. And I’m proud to report that I survived my first sports design shift!


I hope to post some pictures soon. I took them six weeks ago, but I haven’t given up hope on getting around to editing them.

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A couple of recent front pages:

10/22 Austin American-Statesman A1

11/1 Austin American-Statesman A1


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Reason for missing deadline: Osama bin Laden is dead.

Last night was an incredible night to be in the newsroom. I’ll never forget piecing together a story from wire reports after hearing the president tell us that bin Laden had been killed (even though we all knew by the time he took the podium). These are the moments when I’m so glad to be working in journalism — even if my degree is apparently worthless. (:


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Today was my co-worker Etienne’s birthday, so I whipped up some cupcakes for work.

I’m still on my chocolate/peanut butter kick, so I went for chocolate cupcakes with peanut butter icing. This also gave me the perfect opportunity to try out my nifty new measuring spoons, which arrived as a surprise gift in the mail from Vikram last week. You can adjust the measurement size instead of having to dirty several spoons. I love them!

I went with my go-to chocolate sheet cake recipe (I got 22 cupcakes out of it) and this peanut butter icing recipe from Ina Garten. Apparently it’s Kathleen’s peanut butter icing, whoever that is.

Very tasty. I may or may not have had one for breakfast. (:

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