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A wee cake dedicated to the Muthler family. Happy birthday, Genevieve.

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Happy birthday, Andrea! I am sorry you’re 2,000 miles from your husband but selfishly thrilled to see you every day for six weeks!

This cake recipe is super tasty and also makes quite a bit of batter (I made two round layers for our cake and an extra square layer that didn’t bake well and ended up in the trash). Two-thirds of the frosting recipe was plenty. Yum!

Also, I need an offset spatula, stat.

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Josh, Gail, Kevin and I all celebrate our birthdays within the span of about a month. Mom and Jim planned a birthday brunch for us a couple of weeks ago, and we ended up moving it down the street to a park, where we ran around all afternoon. So fun! (:

You’re never too old for an outdoor birthday party hosted by your parents. With party hats, of course.

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My birthday was a couple of weeks ago, and we celebrated with dinner/a movie at the Drafthouse, followed by drinks, cake and hanging out at our apartment. My favorite kind of low-key evening. (:

I took a vacation day because all I really wanted for my birthday was a night off from work. But the night before, Mom and Jim surprised me with treats at the office:

Aww! Love you guys!

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Today was my co-worker Etienne’s birthday, so I whipped up some cupcakes for work.

I’m still on my chocolate/peanut butter kick, so I went for chocolate cupcakes with peanut butter icing. This also gave me the perfect opportunity to try out my nifty new measuring spoons, which arrived as a surprise gift in the mail from Vikram last week. You can adjust the measurement size instead of having to dirty several spoons. I love them!

I went with my go-to chocolate sheet cake recipe (I got 22 cupcakes out of it) and this peanut butter icing recipe from Ina Garten. Apparently it’s Kathleen’s peanut butter icing, whoever that is.

Very tasty. I may or may not have had one for breakfast. (:

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Josh turned 22 yesterday! Gail, knowing Josh’s love of all things Android, made this wonderful cake:

Happy birthday, Josh!

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Turned the big 2-3 last week, and we had a little birthday bash at Mom’s. So blessed to have my loved ones with me to celebrate! (:

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