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Great Friday or greatest Friday?

Basic chocolate chip cookies (too flat, but still tasty enough) and cream cheese pound cake — because I was drooling over pound cake at the store but decided it was silly to buy one when I had all the ingredients at home (I used cake flour this time around). Nom nom nom.

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Took another stab at this cream cheese pound cake. It was good before, but loaf pans and parchment paper made all the difference this time around.

I’m going to make them pretty with some powdered sugar and a little bit of cinnamon before I wrap them up. Nom nom nom. (:

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Tuesday evening: Cream cheese pound cake, courtesy of smitten kitchen.

Had some trouble with the baking time (took much longer than the recipe says) and even more trouble getting it out of the damn bundt pan, despite my efforts to butter/flour the pan before the batter went in. It came out of the pan in pieces, but the pieces are still tasty. 🙂

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