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Hey! We’re getting married! WOOHOO!

I’ll be honest, I had been extremely suspicious of Noble for a couple of weeks (a shady phone call here and there), to the point that I was convinced he was going to propose, but for some reason I had decided that it was going to happen around my birthday next month. So I was truly surprised when he spiced up my Wednesday afternoon with a marriage proposal and the most gorgeous ring I’ve ever seen. (:

My surprise immediately turned to complete excitement (I told him I felt like I should be crying but I was too excited — instead I started running around the apartment yelling, ‘We’re getting married!’ over and over. Sorry, neighbors!), which then turned into even MORE excitement when he told me that our families were totally in on it and were meeting us for dinner. It was the best celebration I could have imagined.

Flowers from Sandy, waiting for me at my desk when I arrived at work on Thursday.

What a perfect night! I’m still overflowing with joy. (: And thanks to my parents for the pictures!

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Laughed so hard I cried.

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This morning we surprised Andrea with an engagement brunch. You know it’s a special occasion when I’m 1) awake at 9 a.m.; 2) awake AND wearing eyeliner by 9 a.m. Love you, lady!

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Andrea and Kevin. I love these two more than I could possibly put into words. And I’m going to burst with joy because THEY ARE ENGAGED!

Noble and I were there for the proposal. Honestly, I can’t say what it means that we were allowed a glimpse of such an intimate, special occasion (seriously guys, I’m overflowing with love here). They had their privacy though, because the boyfriend and I were watching from afar as the designated photographers.

It all went down at Lake Pflugerville, which holds special significance for the two of them.

The boys had made the voyage to P-ville last week to scope out the terrain and find a good place from which to take pictures. They picked this cozy drainage ditch:

Unfortunately, the weather was not on our side. Noble and I found ourselves scrambling around when we arrived, because rain had left the drainage ditch completely full of water. We settled on a willow tree a little farther away.

Luckily, I had snagged my dad’s 55-200 mm lens for the occasion, so the extra distance wasn’t a total disaster. But the location change made it difficult for both of us to take pictures, so Noble wasn’t able to shoot. I threw on a poncho to shield myself from the dripping tree and camped out as close as I could without being seen, then took a million EXTREMELY paparazzi-style photos. Here was my point of view:

Most of the photos look extremely similar, because I was snapping away like a madman in an effort not to miss the big moment. Here are the highlights:

Then Kevin yelled that it was OK for us to come out of hiding.

What a fantastic mission — except for the part where Kevin’s car got stuck in the mud. We abandoned it so we could go to a celebratory meal, then came back at night (thanks for always being open, Wal-Mart!) to pull it out with Noble’s powerful Honda Accord. Wish I’d snapped some photos of that little fiasco, but I’d already lost one pair of shoes to the mud, so I just stayed in the car for this one.

I’m the most excited bridesmaid ever! Congratulations, my dear friends!!

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