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For the past several weeks my excitement had been building about our Fourth of July vacation. Some people jet off to exotic places for a summer trip, but I couldn’t wait to spend several days in Valley Mills — population 1,203 — where we attended the annual Barnett family reunion, went fossil hunting, worked on our croquet games, and generally didn’t worry about what time it was. I baked a cake and specifically left my computer and makeup at home. It was exactly what I needed.

And of course, I carted my camera around with me. Such fun.

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Fourth of July in Boston! My boss let me leave half an hour early last night so I could enjoy the holiday, and I was so overjoyed and excited to get home that I literally ran part of the way to the subway stop.

Globe interns! Love these gals. :)

Globe interns! Love these gals. 🙂

We live minutes away from the Esplanade, site of the giant fireworks show/Boston Pops shindig, but we avoided the massive crowds and caught the show from our roof. It turned out that everyone in our neighborhood had the same idea — every roof in sight was full of people. Afterward we went back inside, made tater tots, and sang a really lovely rendition of the National Anthem.


This morning Sandy and I went for dim sum at a restaurant in Chinatown that my co-worker recommended. I have no idea what we ate, but it was delicious.

Nom nom nom!

Nom nom nom!

And in perhaps the best news of all, THE SUN HAS RETURNED TO BOSTON. I spent most of the day basking in its glory and hanging out in Cambridge with Kevin.


Beach tomorrow. Noble arrives on FRIDAY!

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