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The past couple of weeks at work:

I think this centerpiece photo — by staff photographer Laura Skelding — is really beautiful. So glad I was able to run it large and in color!

I was hoping to beef up this centerpiece package a bit, so I dug through the story and pulled out some of the (many) numbers for an A1 rail to supplement the photo and graphic.

I recommend this centerpiece story — even if you haven’t been following the AISD charter drama closely — if you have a chance. Good stuff.

Besides work, I have been getting some other things done — like buying a wedding dress. (: More on that later!

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A couple of my pages from last week, both a little different from the norm.

Love getting to mix things up with a cool vertical photo!

This one’s not my favorite visually, but there’s reasoning behind it — we wanted the Obama story high up on the page, and there’s no way the word ‘marriage’ would have fit in one column. In the interest of having headlines that make sense, I gave it two columns next to the lead story … it does help to think like an editor when drawing boxes on the page. (:

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Forgot to post my cover last week. Eh, whatevs. Here’s tonight’s work:

Metro & State, August 30, 2010.

Tomorrow’s my first shift learning sports design. I’m so much more excited about working in sports now that football season is upon is. Can’t wait for Saturday!

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It’s been a calm week. We’ve been finalizing plans for Indianapolis (!!!!!). I’ve yet to dig my suitcase out of my closet, though, because that would require moving a vacuum, several lawn chairs and some boxes. Maybe tomorrow.

Tonight I designed another B section: Metro & State, August 9, 2010.

My biggest triumph tonight is that it doesn’t look exactly like last week’s. I actually designed the cover! It’s a learning process for sure, but I’ve got excellent co-workers who teach me and help me out whenever I need it. (:

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Last night I was responsible for designing the Metro&State section. The most design experience I had at the Statesman prior to this was designing part of an inside A page (I literally drew one story onto the page).

The fact that it all got done on time, and that I somehow figured out to do with all the blank space, is the first major victory. The second major victory is the fact that I didn’t burst into tears at about 9 p.m.

Here’s my cover: Metro&State, August 2, 2010

To be fair, that front page is essentially the template that was already on there. I tweaked a little but didn’t get too crazy. (Those colored boxes that show up on the PDF are tools we use to measure out space between elements.)

Overall, I’m pretty happy with my first effort. Hopefully it’ll only get better from here! (:

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